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Tools for success: MLS


The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a platform where properties from different brokers are listed, ensuring complete market coverage.  This service integrates the benefits of open and exclusive lists.

The multiple listing requires that the owner lists their property with only one real estate broker, guaranteeing the right of the agent to receive the commission for the sale of the property if it is sold within the listing period of validity.  However, unlike the exclusive, the multiple listing ensures a wide market coverage, since any real estate broker has the right to sell the property and share the commission.

In the multiple listing service, there are two types of brokers:  the real estate broker that lists a property and the real estate broker that sells the property, and both share one commission.

Duties of each agent / broker:

  • The agent that lists the property represents the owner or seller and is responsible for bringing attention to the list.

  • The real estate broker that sells the property represents the buyer and is responsible for finding a property that will satisfy the needs of his buyer.

MLS benefits for the owners


Permanent representation of your interests

MLS allows you to have a real estate broker who is a member of ACOBIR representing you and acting in your behalf during the entire process involving the sale or leasing of the property.  Even though you are only doing the deal with us, you have a whole association working for you.


You have at your disposal a reliable and transparent database of market prices

MLS generates a database of sale prices; this helps evaluate the price that the market is willing to pay for a property with similar characteristics, providing the market with transparency and dynamism.

For this reason, you will be assured that the sale price assigned to your property corresponds to the real value that the market usually pays for a similar property


Reports and statistics

MLS generates different reports and statistics that facilitate the price determination for a property.  These reports will allow you to verify and evaluate market trends, which will help you in the decision-making process.

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